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    QuantsUnited platform 𝞪 Scan analyses investment strategies through the use of machine learning applied on market and alternative data. It allows to navigate through a wide range of data, select the right ones and improve the strategy by identifying patterns correlated to winning and losing positions.

  • Our Mission

    At QuantsUnited we develop A.I.-based solutions applied to financial markets

    Asset Managers

    There are too many data providers...

    How to determine which data generate Alpha with minimum costs?


    Our solution

    Asset Managers vs Data Providers

    We help Asset Managers and Data Providers speak the same language thanks to our AI-based platform.

    • For Asset Managers we identify the relevant alternative data, they need to improve their strategy performances.

    • For Data Providers we help distribute their data for which we prove relevance and quality to Asset Managers

  • Team


    Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

    AI and blockchain specialist, PhD studies in Theoretical physics (ENS Paris, CERN Geneva, ITP Chinese Academy Of Science Beijing, 2010–2014), Co-founder of DreamUp Vision (AI in Healthcare), former CTO DreamQuark (AI for FinTech). Algo-trading on the crypto currency markets (2017-2018). Numerous startup awards as a speaker. Several scientific papers on Theoretical Particle Physics about LHC as well as Machine Learning. Hobby : Video games development.

    Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

    Co-founder and former CEO of DreamUp Vision (AI in Healthcare), PhD in Theoretical Physics (CEA Saclay, 2014), former COO and Data Scientist at DreamQuark (AI for FinTech), numerous start-up awards including 2016 Challenges Magazine, US SXSW 2016, TheFamily 2015, Monaco 2016, invited speaker of major A.I. and Data science conferences, scientific awards that include among others the 2011 Golden medal Moscow State University, several awards for top-10 best students of Moscow State University (2010, 2009, 2009), 2009 July-Aug selected to represent Russia at CERN Summer school, 2005 Winner of international olympiads in physics, mathematics and literature organized by Moscow State University among several thousands students. Several scientific papers on Theoretical Particle Physics as well as Machine Learning.

    Co-founder & Chief Corporate Development

    Entrepreneur, Executive and Non-Executive Director from SMEs to Fortune 500 organizations for more than 20 years. Recognized as an effective “connector” of opportunities shaping inter-disciplinary global alliances

    MBA from McGill Canada (Major Finance General Management), US Certified Public Accountant CPA, Financial Times NED Diploma

    Former Fortune 500 Corp executive, Standards of Leadership Awards 2002 and 2005 EY Audit France & Vietnam covering telcos | banks 1995-1997. International P&L market development in North America, Asia and Europe

    Founder of VITANLINK a health & technology Accelerator, co-founder of two startups AI for health Dreamup Vision and high tech Motion Waves featured in luxury Spa Business and American Spa Media

  • R&D

    The technical team consists of award-winning data scientists, experiences developers, interns and freelances

    Chief Research Officer

    PhD in Statistical Physics (CEA Saclay, 2015), MSc in Quantum Physics (École Normale Supérieure), MSt in Philosophy (University of Oxford). Recipient of the prestigious Le Monde thesis award 2016 and of the James S. McDonnell fellowship (UCL). Former Senior Data Scientist at Kering(A.I.), former CSO at Sounds (A.I.). 5 years of experience in machine learning, deep learning and bayesian statistics. Author of the MCX probabilistic programming language. Scientific articles published in Nature, Science et Vie. TEDx speaker.

    Data Scientist

    Data Scientist in quantitative trading, A.I. and platform developments, private Maths teacher for bachelor students (preparatory schools for "Grandes Ecoles", competitive exams Mines-Ponts, Centrale, Ecole Polytechnique...), former Maths teacher in French State Education (High School), agregation (French eq.PhD) of Mathematics (2010), alumni Ecole Normale Superieure in Lyon. Joined QuantsUnited in July 2019.

    Data Scientist

    PhD in Statistics and Computer Science (University Grenoble Alpes, INRIA, GIPSA-lab, Grenoble, 2019), M.Sc. degree in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Ecole Ensimag, INP Grenoble), M.Sc. and B.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics (MIPT, Moscow), Winner of WorldQuant International Quant Championship (Singapore, 2018), winner of the Russian olympiads in Physics and Mathematics, several scientific conferences and papers in multivariate statistics.

    Lead Developer

    IT Manager for 18 years, Web projects & Agile stack supervision, IT architect, Database specialist (management & treatment), CRM connectors and API tools conception & development. Joined QuantsUnited in April 2020.

    We are hiring!

    Data scientists/ Quants/ Developers

    Contact us to know more!

  • Board advisors

    We are proud to work with our Board!

    Board advisor

    Managing Member, Pilot Wave Holdings Management. Former Chief AI Officer and Senior MD, Cerberus (first such role in private equity); former Chief Data Science Officer of JP Morgan Corporate and Investment Bank (first such role at major bank), former MD at Goldman Sachs. MD, PhD from Stanford; BSE from Princeton.

    Board advisor

    French mathematician and economist specialized in Data Science, Financial mathematics and Chaos Theory ar the University of Paris I-Pantheon-Sorbonne. He formerly held the Frey Chair of quantitative finance at Stony Brook University and was academic director of the French Laboratory of Excellence on Financial Regulation. PhD in Hamiltonian dynamics, over 20 years in the Financial industry. He has particular interest in researching portfolio risks, for which he has developed especially suited powerful nonlinear statistical and data science models, as well as macroeconomics and systemic risk. He founded FinTech firms Riskdata (Risk management for the buyside) and Datacore ( quantitative portfolio of ETFs) and in Chief Science Officer of Matrics (AI for the buy-side). Douady is a member of the Praxis Club, a New York-based think tank advising the French government on its economic policy and sits on the board and the investment committee of Firends of IHES, a foundation supporting the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques (the French brother of Princeton IAS). He is alumni of Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris and was awarded a gold medal at the International Mathematical Olympiads.

    Board Advisor

    Former Head of Fixed Income Securisation Quantative Structuring and Head of Operational Risk, Group Risk Management at BNP Parisbas London and paris for 20 years, Duc contributed to EU commission working groups to shape the financial risk sector regulations. Prior to BNP Parisbas, he was Head of the Risk Management Group at IBM Global Services. Duc holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of management USA and a Master of Engineering at Top French School Centrale-Supelec.

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    "Les fondateurs du projet QuantsUnited sont les premiers lauréats du fonds de prêt d’honneur ESTIA Start avec un prêt de 30 000 euros. Axel Orgogozo, l’un des trois associés revient sur la genèse du projet et leur choix d’installation au sein de l’écosystème ESTIA" Read more :
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    QuantsUnited is based in French Basque Country and in Paris region.

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