Warren Trader

Our first showcase Robot: The highest profitable day-trading bot.

Warren brings to you in the palm of your hands the personalized one-to-one service of professional advisors. Our robot is not a simple robo-advisor. Warren learns from you too.

Warren gives you control of your wealth. You can activate and deactivate Warren Trader whenever you want.

Warren lets you learn from trading daily. It’s fully transparent explaining why it decides to trade.

Warren  has included a full industry standard security system for the connection with the best trading exchange platforms.

Warren is undergoing relevant financial markets authority validation.

Warren charges just a rental weekly $7 fee like Netflix model.

Bitcoin Indicator

QuantsUnited’s deep pattern matching indicator is a deep-learning based feature designed to identify when a stock price is forming patterns similar to past bullish market situations.

This quantitative scoring is generated each hour for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The bigger the value of the indicator at a given date, the more returns was observed after similar time periods in the past.


The First AI-powered Investment Strategy Diagnostic Platform for Quants and Analysts.

AlphaScan analyses single asset strategies with machine learning applied to market and alternative data. It allows to navigate through a wide range of data, select the right ones and improve the strategy by identifying patterns correlated to losing positions.