• AI Services & AI Capabilities

    We are a french AI company, based in Paris and Bidart (South west of France). We are a team of data scientists coming from the most prestigious French schools like Ecole Normale Supérieure and full-stack developers with a solid experience. We propose AI consulting services to solve your most challenging data problems. We have a versatile team, mastering all the pipeline from data processing to algorithm deployed in production.

    Business problem

    All AI projects start from the customer's pain point. QuantsUnited transforms the business pain into a Machine Learning or Mathematical problem to solve.

    Data science

    QuantsUnited generates insights and deliver predictive algorithms for detecting anomalies, customer satisfaction, fraud, risks, predicting KPIs, detecting emotions, categorizing documents and any more

    Conjuring a solution

    We can deploy the models on your cloud or hardware to seamlessly integrate AI in your business processes. Team Training can be provided, if future developments need to be internalized

    Explainable A.I.

    Our system explains why a model took a decision : no black box.

    Any Data

    We are working with any type of data : images, sounds, texts, financial data, time-series, structured data..

    Flexible Deployment

    Wether you need to see the results in a Dashboard, through an API or other deployment methods, our AI is exploitable in your systems and frictionless.

    Last-generation Data Science

    From statistical models to recent methods like Deep Learning

  • Exemples of our actions


    Medical diagnostic

    Diabetic Retinopathy detection Ranked 1st best performance in 2017 on a blind test 2017 among 10 international competitors among which Google DeepMind. Deep Learning applied to medical images 

    Call centers

    Speech Emotion Recognition for call centers using deep learning. State-of-the-art performance in 2017(best solution ranked 1st, beating Microsoft) 

    Drug discovery

    Graph neural networks to model protein molecule sub parts to simplify the simulation of protein-ligand interactions for the screening of drug candidates in the drug discovery process


    Electric cables and poles detection for a telecom company, mobile solution with a deep learning model deployed on the device.


    Insurance Fraud detection to identify anomalous activities in an unsupervised way. Natural language processing for insurance claim automation

    Big data

    Setting up a redundant data base system for the secured storage of healthcare data with maximum availability

    Search engine

    Image-based search engine for document retrieval and image similarity detection.

    Quantitative finance

    Improve a long | short strategy on Bitcoin/USD for a hedge fund : 62% increase in returns over a 32-month period. Max drawdown reduced by 15%.