• We create a factory of Robots,be hired at any time, to answer all needs:


    our proprietary AI-based Platform

    AINSTEIN is AI-based platform that allows for interconnecting specific tasks, from clustering to pattern identification and execution. Our platform AInstein has the following characteristics:

    Able to create

    small pieces or robots, using different types of AI techniques, such as Deep Learning, statistical models and quantitive financial mathematics.

    AInstein uses the latest

    developments in AI and propietary algorithms optimization rules which allows to get the answer in a fast and reliable way. The processing time of the data is fast (of the order of the second on CPU) allowing for real time market screening.

    The combination of the last generation techniques

    of battle-tested statistical methods and modern Machine learning techniques like Deep learning, allows to create the best optimised algorithms for market predictions. The core AI algorithm relies on the processing of the data by deep neural networks (DNNs) which is the key technology in order to reach the best performances for market situation identification.

    More of the combination of the last generation techniques:

    Additional data regarding the market, like news, social media data can be added on top of the financial data in order to improve the performances of the model used for detection.

    Thanks to Deep Learning, our algorithms can easily adapt to other types of assets. The performances of the models are tuned in order to predict the best risk scores for the allocation with minimum volatility.

    Ainstein connects the robots

    together like a Factory of Robots, where you can combine them in a different way for a specific task.

    We created Explainable AI Algorithms

    The model explains why the decision is taken and can visually show similar past data patterns.

  • Our final Vision is

    To create intelligent Robots able to learn and act in unpredictable or unstable market situations with the ability to change their own trading strategies. We put an expert trader within your cell phone.

  • 7 Cognitive robots


    Data Collecting Robot

    Data collection robot is collecting millions of data from numerous sources : exchange trading platforms, news, twitter…


    Indicator Creation Robot

    Using data collected from the first robot, The Indicator creation robot is a deep learning feature that identifies when a stock price is forming patterns similar to past bullish/bearish market situations. The bigger the value of the indicator at a given date, the more returns is observed after similar time periods in the past. This quantitative scoring is generated hourly or daily.


    Signal Creation Robot

    This robot is taking into account the previously created Indicator and is making a decision to create a signal in the case of a strong likelyhood of bullish/bearish market moves.


    4. Risk prediction Robot

    The risk prediction robot allows to avoid unexpected losses, using the previous Signal Robot.


    Personalisation Robot

    AI-based robot helps to define the investor profile which can be dynamically modified depending on the trader and the market situation. Are you ready to risk and go quickly or prefer more save and slow way?


    Explainable AI Robot

    Explains why the decision is taken and can visually show a similar market situation in the past.


    Execution Robot

    AI-based algorithm that optimizes how to execute the buy and sell orders after the risk algorithm implementation.