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    We have created Cognitive Robots that trace the financial markets of specific assets, analyse structured and unstructured data, generate a signal, create specific trading strategies and execute trades.

    Our robots are working for retail traders as well as for professional investors.

  • Warren Trader

    Your professional personal day-trader

    Warren is a day-trader bot which operates on ten-hour predictions, based on the market behaviour of the last three years.
    It creates a new prediction every hour by selecting the optimal decisions to maximize your profit.
  • Warren Lite

    Learn about crypto

    We collect all the relevant information about the top 5 crypto currencies: market cap, circulating supply, last crypto news...

    Get inspired for your trades

    You have access to an hourly prediction made by Warren to get inspired for your trades

    Prototype your next investment

    See how Warren's strategy is performing and how much you could earn using Warren

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  • Our next product: Diana

    Launching in January 2022.

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