For Portfolio managers

AI-based portfolio risk analysis platform empowered with alternative data

Cloud-based or on premise analytics empowered by AI and alternative data

BetaScan analyses multi-asset strategies and measures the exposure to various risk factors. It allows to evaluate VaR*, perform customized stress tests. Non-linear A.I. methods allows to identify complex patterns between returns and factors
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Designed for Portfolio managers

  • BetaScan proposes new and simple way to analyse your portfolio empowered by A.I. and alternative data. You only need to upload the history of your daily retuns.

Any data

  • BetaScan comes pre-loaded risk factors derived from market data and alternative data. Upload your own datasets, and combine any data sources when analysing investment strategies

Rank data

  • Indentify the best data to model your portfolio

How it works

  • Upload strategy returns
  • Visualize risk factor exposure
  • Forecasting for VaR, CVaR etc.
  • Simulate historical or complex custom scenarios thanks to the relationship extracted between dominant factors and your returns
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