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The First AI-powered Investment Strategy Diagnostic Platform.

AlphaScan analyses single asset strategies with machine learning applied to market and alternative data. It allows to navigate through a wide range of data, select the right ones and improve the strategy by identifying patterns correlated to losing positions.

More Details

Designed by Quants for Quants

  • 𝞪Scan offers a new and simple way to analyse quant strategies empowered by A.I. tools and alternative data. You only need to upload the history of your positions.

Any data

  • 𝞪Scan is pre-loaded with market data, fundamental data, indicators and alternative data. Upload your own datasets, and combine any data sources when you analyze your investment strategies.

Rank data

  • Identify best data and indicators that are customized to your strategy and that are the most predictive of your losing positions.
How it works
  • Upload strategy history (csv or xls file)
  • Select the asset class
  • The relevant market and alternative data are already pre-loaded. You can upload your custom data
  • A machine learning model is trained to filter out losing positions
  • Alternative allocation strategies that could improve your strategy are provided, backtests included
  • Detailed results are given to understand the model:
  • see the details of the prediction on a position-by-position basis
  • explore which data were the most relevant and and see the evolution of their importance across market regimes


Available assets :
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • LiteCoin
  • US equities (coming  in 2021!)
  • Non US equities (coming soon)
  • Forex (coming soon)
  • Commodities (coming soon)
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