• Technology

    Quantamental approach

    Keep your own strategy and enhance it with AI

    The easiest way to analyse investment strategies with A.I. analytics tools, find best alternative data, and capture more alpha with reduced risk.


    Our team developed Quantamental methods like meta-labeling to enhance already existing investment strategies using machine learning and alternative data. We create algorithms to understand which market situations are best suitable for a given strategy.




    Alpha Research

    AI and Financial maths powered home-made research

    Our team developed tools to assess the quality of data sources.

    Our algorithms allow to automatically assess the causality between a give time-series and some targeted returns of financial assets

    Explainable AI

    No black box!

    We focus on giving insights from AI that are transparent and interpretable for users. One frequent argument against the use of Machine learning is the "Black Box" aspect of the models. Our technology allows to open the Black Box!

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